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Dan and Dana Emery, Co-Owners

The Bitterroot Valley Fly Fishing Company was developed from a life-long passion for fly fishing.  Dan and Dana are excited to share this passion with others. The Bitterroot River with its beauty and bounty offer a prime location for both novice and experienced anglers.  Darby, Montana has felt like home since we first visited. It is our pleasure and joy to be able to provide a wonderful experience for outdoor lovers. 

Located in the beautiful, rustic town of Darby, Montana, The Bitterroot Valley Fishing Company is proud to have opened our doors in August of 2020 and are excited for the 2021 fishing season. The Yellowstone TV show is filmed in the valley and the Dutton ranch is on the outskirts of town. You’re sure to see some sites from the show, and maybe rub elbows with some of the crew and cast at the local diners and cafes.

We look forward to helping you out at the Bitterroot Valley Fishing Company for your next fly fishing trip. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram and give us a follow.